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How it works

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How it works

Welcome to Azodu, a platform where impartiality and community engagement reshape how content is shared and discussed online. Here are some of the things which make us different ...

  • Impartial Moderation: At Azodu, all content moderation is handled by AI, not humans. Our mods never sleep and don't have political biases. Our AI evaluates content based on its adherence to our content policy and its relevance to the respective category. There is no human interpretation involved.
  • Autonomy of Thought: Our AI moderators do not evaluate truthfulness because we believe it is the right of the individual to determine truth for themselves. We trust our users to engage with information responsibly and make informed judgments based on their own reasoning, rather than the reasoning of board rooms, bureaucrats, moderators, policy directors and the like. This approach ensures that every member of our community can contribute to and benefit from a truly open dialogue, fostering a richer, more nuanced understanding of the world.
  • No shadowbanning: We believe that silencing someone while keeping them unaware they’ve been silenced is a violation of human rights unique to the digital age. We therefore, do not perform shadowbans or any form of censorship that is not open to public scrutiny.
  • Clean and Focused UI: We pride ourselves on a minimalist design that emphasizes readability and interaction. Our interface promotes discussions around content rather than the content itself. Azodu is more a platform to discuss content than to consume content.
  • AI-Summarized Link Submissions: To enhance user convenience, all link submissions are succinctly summarized by AI.
  • Earn Azo: Interaction on Azodu earns you Azo, our platform's currency. Azo is awarded for upvotes and can be used to create new categories, which function like mini-communities around particular topics. This system makes it impossible for a small number of users to reserve and control the best categories.
  • Combating Astroturfing and Big Money: Unlike many platforms, Azodu actively combats the undue influence of large corporations and deceptive practices in online discourse. We enforce this through robust software protections and strict terms of service.

It is our dream to create a space for the free and open exchange of ideas protected from the petty tyranny of the technologists that traditionally control online discourse.